Hi there!  I'm Erin Mutty, calligrapher & owner of Nob Hill Jane®. I've always been drawn to all things crafty & creative, so when I discovered calligraphy after taking a lesson from a friend, it was a perfect fit. Enhancing your celebration - whether it's casual or fancy- with calligraphy & hand lettering makes your guests feel special and unique - and who doesn't want to feel like that?

So who is Jane? Jane is actually my mother's middle name, and she is hands down the most festive, creative, generous & loving person I know... so including her name in my business felt just right. 

When I'm not "doing cursive" as my kids say, you'll find me enjoying a good cup of coffee with my husband, volunteering at my boys' school & being as active as I can - preferably with our lab, Lucy.

I look forward to working with you!